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Review Brew: Judge Dredd #27

Writer: Duane Swierczynski
Artist: Nelson Daniel
Reviewer: Ray Willis

Still on the hunt from Chief Judge Cal, Dredd tries to survive the various deputized citizens and find a way to stop the crazed Chief Judge.

Duane Swierczynski gives us an interesting approach with this arc with the need to constantly be watched by a callous Chief Judge. The dialogue is good as we get know what the citizens are going to do to Dredd as they become deputized for twenty four hours. Even Judge Anderson who is stuck in Dredd’s head gets some action and saves Dredd. From the last issue we come to find out that Judge Cal has been cloning himself and put in various sectors of Mega City One. It’s actually kind of funny seeing four Chief Judge Cals giving out orders, in four separate sectors. Each one represents that current sector of the city and the dialogue changes from the person he is with. We even get to see the fallen Pachoda’s head about to be interrogated by Judge Verrity which I’m excited for.

Nelson Daniels’ artwork is still really good and I didn’t find anything bad about it. There is a scene where a weapon called the Repulsor Six Plus takes anything and converts it to bullets which was a very interesting scene to see, especially when it converts body parts. Also the action is really good as well with intense moments, when facing the various citizens of Mega City One. One scene in particular has Dredd facing off against a train full of passengers who seal themselves in with him. A combination of Dredd and Anderson is amazing to see. The colors are really good as well especially the color red.

I enjoyed this issue; It was a fun and action packed. We get to see how far Judge Cal would go in order to keep his seat as the Chief Judge and getting rid of Dredd. The dialogue and art was consistent and keeps me coming back to this book every month. I’m curious though as to how this is going to end and what’s next for Judge Dredd after this arc.

5 out of 5 Judge Anderson Saves

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