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Mobile Foodies: Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken

by Aitch Cee

One of the benefits to living near or in a large urban area is there is no shortage of where to get food. The ‘new’ trend today is food trucks. Actually let me back up. It’s not so new. But the newness comes in the variety of foods being offered from these trucks. You can get anything from Indian fare, to soul food, as well as any fusion in between. And then there are chicken and doughnuts.

Yes, you read right. There is a truck that serves chicken and doughnuts. Astro Doughnuts’ store front is located at 1308 G Street Northwest, Washington, DC. But if you can’t get there, just be patient and wait for the truck to come around. In the area I am in, the truck comes along once every two to three weeks and it’s a breath of fresh air breaking up the monotony of every other truck serving Indian, Mexican and pseudo Chinese food.


As you can see they have a nice variety of doughnuts but the sandwich is hard to beat. And it’s not what you think. It’s a lightly fried piece of chicken in between doughnut bread unglazed with sauce and other ingredients that you can add. It’s pretty much a heart attack between dough. If the sandwich is not your thing, try the doughnuts themselves. I tried the sandwich the last time they were around and almost didn’t make it through the rest of the day because I needed a nap!


This time around I opted for the crème brulee’ and peanut butter and jelly doughnuts. My best advice for the crème brulee’ is to warm it up slightly to warm up the middle. Also with any of their doughnuts, take your time with these. These are not Krispy Cream creations that you are wolfing down. Take your time and savor it and of course, get some milk!


There is one other thing that attests to the popularity of this truck. Go early. If you wait too late, they can and will be a long line and there is a probability that they will run out of your favorite picks. This truck is very popular and I can understand why they come around ever so often. So, if you are lucky, get over to the truck and enjoy! Also prepare to have your productivity drop for the rest of the day as well

4.5 out of 5 doughnut holes

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