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The Review Brew: Rumble #2

PCU_LOGO_ReviewBrewWriter: John Arcudi
Artist. James Harren
Colors: Dave Stewart
Reviewer: Ray Willis

You ever have one of those night where a scarecrow warrior wreaks havok in your bar, cuts off one of your patrons arms, and by the end of night facing two demons? That hasn’t happened to me but Bobby LaRosa has been through that and then some.

This was a very interesting issue because this is a world in which I have no clue to what’s going to happening or what’s happening.  However. the world and characters that does appear piques my interest.  The story has many characters and each is given a little time in this issue like the last one. An old cat lady feeding the hungry Mr. Bildad, a six armed man feeding his six headed lizard or following up with the scarecrow warrior, whose name we learn by the end of the issue and Bobby trying to figure what the writing on the paper by Cogan means. It’s a very bizarre tale with very bizarre characters. The dialogue shifts from the various characters but mainly focusing on Bobby and the scarecrow warrior.

The art from James Harren is really good especially the designs of the various characters that show up in this issue. I love the six headed lizard name Lerna that appears, which is very reminiscent of the hydra from Greek mythology along with the six armed man. The dark gritty environments that Harren creates is amazing along with the world around us in this issue. His line work is really good and the action in this issue is very fast paced and finishes in a flash. The colors from Dave Stewart, highlight the environments and really brings out the grittiness of the scene. The colors of the creatures are really superb as well.

I found this issue to be really good but the story itself is very vague on what’s happening. I actually didn’t even know the character Bobby had a last name until I read up a brief intro of the issue. I love the design of the characters and the creatures that appear. The artwork from James Harren is really amazing and colors from Dave Stewart are really amazing. I will stick with this series because I really love the art in this series and after seeing the scarecrow holding a giant sword really had me pulled in. I also love the look of the other creatures as well. However, I really want the story to come in and really blow my socks off.

4 out of 5 Scarecrow Warriors

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