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Netflix is letting go of Dr. Who and a few other BBC titles

Well Whovians, our time enjoying Dr. Who on Netflix is coming to an end. On Janauary 31st, the beloved series along with another Steve Moffat show, Coupling will be gone. In addition, Torchwood, Red Dwarf, Primeval, Survivors, Black Adder, and A Bit of Fry and Laurie are all done at the end of the month.

There is no word at present if Netflix will be renegotiating their deal with BBC but just because these shows will be going doesn’t mean they can’t come back in the future.

On the other hand however, there is word that if you are an Amazon Prime member, these shows will be there.

In the meantime, you got around 3 weeks to hurry and binge watch your favorite shows listed above until they disappear fron Netflix for the foreseeable future.

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