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Some of the Black Friday deals coming for gamers

Black Friday is a week away. If you have held out on getting certain games and systems, now may be a good chance to act now for the holidays.   Below are some of the best picks you may want to act on. Make sure you read the fine print as you click the links.

Microsoft – Many stores have taken advantage of the price drop and have bundled the Xbox One and right now it looks like Best Buy has one of the biggest deals out there. 2 Assassin’s Creed games are bundled in this deal for $330!   Click Here.   Microsoft will also have their own sale going on although it looks like they will be matching brick and mortar retailers. Click here for more.     Walmart’s XBone bundle will include Halo Master Chief Collection. Click here

Sony – GameStop is also running the same deal as Best Buy with the Xbone and also the PS4 for $400 with 2 games. GTA V and The Last of Us digital download. Click Here. Walmart will be carrying a GTA V Bundle for $450 and a choice of 2 games. Click here

Nintendo – staying with Gamestop, (and you can also use the link above) GameStop will sell the NES Edition of the 3DS at $199. If you have 100 dollars more, you can nab a Wii U bundle (w/ Super Mario 3D)

A few games and gadgets of note up for sale (Please note these deals can change prior to Friday and quantities are limited)

Disney Infinity Marvel Heroes set

Google Chromecast

McFarlane Toys

The Evil Within

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

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