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Grimm Returns with a Bang!!!

by Pete Robertson

Friday we welcomed back one of the trope-iest shows on television, my beloved Grimm, which despite the well-worn path it treads, does it just about better than any show.

Last season of Grimm ended with a bang – three of them, actually right center mass in our just-starting-to-get-interesting Captain Sean Renard, and of course left us with the mother of all jaw-dropping, game-changing season finales since … well, the last time Grimm did this to us. We were left with an apparently now-powerless Nick, another mind scramble for Juliet to deal with (Both of those thanks to another of Hexen-we-love-to-hate Adalind’s spells). We had Monroe and Rosalee’s “wedding you knew was going to be ruined” ruined by Theresa Rubel (can we please stop calling her “Trubel” now?) unknowingly revealing herself to be a Grimm in a room full of Wesen, and arriving too late to save the day.

The opener entitled, “Thanks for the memories” picks up, starting with the awkward car ride back to Nick and Juliet’s to deal with the crime scene left when Trub…—Theresa beheaded Renard’s would-be/could-be assassin. We can see Nick straining to get the car ride finished before having to answer the “how was the sex with my imposter?” conversation Juliet seems eager to start.

This poor character by the way. Juliet, while capable and smart has had to deal with a lot, not the least of which is the show’s inability to make her a sympathetic character even when we should absolutely be on her side. Whether reasonably demanding to know what’s going on in her life, or painfully struggling with amnesia, or wanting to be a contributing member of the Grimm team, she is so consistently insufferable.

Nick, Juliet, Theresa and Hank arrive at the house to find that there are, in fact, other police in Portland. As the police sweep the scene, our heroes very unsuspiciously whisper and freak out in the car for ten minutes about getting everyone’s story straight – which seems as easy as saying “Don’t talk about magic spells and monsters.”

New players arrive on the scene, in the form of two FBI agents, Chavez and … some guy … who interview Theresa, find that her story checks out completely and naturally suspect that she is hiding something. Chavez (who is later revealed to be Wesen) and poor clueless Portland cop Drew Wu spend time ominously thumbing through Trubel’s Grimm books – seriously, this was like 10 minutes of the show)

My first prediction for this season is that something has got to happen with Wu. Poor guy has been committed already after witnessing an Aswang monster attack his friend Dana last season. And he’s still in the dark. I would be effing cranky to find out that I’ve just been allowed to feel crazy and paranoid for a year. Hank gave it a half-hearted try this episode, but I’m betting Wu is not going to be too happy with the gang once he does find out, which will probably cause all kinds of trubel – I mean trouble.

In the middle of the crazy there is a knock at the door, and there’s our favorite wesen newlyweds, still in their tux and gown.
Juliet: What are you guys doing here?

Monroe: We couldn’t leave you guys like this

Juliet: No! You should be on your honeymoon.

Rosalee: The fans would never put up with you guys without us around.

Nick (walking in) Hey, you guys! Shouldn’t you be on your honeymoon?

Monroe: It’s the least I we could do! You’ve saved my life plenty of times … almost as many times as you’ve put me at risk and coerced me into helping you…

The Fans: Yaaaaaay!


Grimm always does an unbelievably good job of juggling monster of the week shows with their season’s big story, and I like that. Some shows ditch that format, and I always kind of miss it. This episode we have a memory-robbing wesen with a squid-like face who appears to be in over his head, being forced or blackmailed into stealing data from a team of next-level-tech wizards. When his latest mind-wipe is complicated by him murdering his target’s girlfriend, Nick and Hank are on the case. Theresa is along for the ride, helping to ID the killer as the Cthulu-wesen after he is picked up driving around in the target’s car.

Trubel or Theresa, whatever she’s going to be called this season, has actually been a great addition to the Grimm gang. I am always wary of the brunette, cocky, streetwise, “you can’t tell ME what to do” new female character. They are always so full of poorly written angst and outdated teen references – I have no idea why they are still done. I was immediately suspicious – I mean her name is effing Trubel. But Theresa is likeably bristly, clever, and does a good job challenging the rest of the group. I am praying that her throwaway line, making fun of Nick as being useless for having no powers, isn’t foreshadowing some midseason plotline where she goes annoyingly rogue … (please, please please!) But it is.

At the end, our heroes are left tracking the wesen Zoidberg to figure out his next move.

Meanwhile Juliet, understandably shaken once again, has opted to keep close to Nick this time; and there’s a gleam in her I kind of like this time, where I feel like she might just make a trip all by herself to square things with Adalind. This might just be Juliet’s season!

And as the premier closes, we watch Renard’s vitals flatline, conveniently coinciding with the appearance of a mysterious woman. But if you think we’ve seen the last of Portland’s resident royal, you don’t know Grimm.

In the meantime, a suspicious Agent Chavez, a paranoid Sgt. Wu, and the only Grimm in town, T. Rubel promise to make things complicated this season. I can’t wait.

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