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Pick the #1 Death Scene in a Horror Movie

So last week, we asked the community at large to pick their #1 favorite horror movie franchise.

The top 3 were: Nightmare on Elm Street at a whopping 33%, The Evil Dead was second at 20% and tied for 3rd WAAAAAAAAAY back was Saw and Friday the 13th at 7%

It looks like we have a penchant for the classics but this week’s picks are special. You must pick the BEST and MOST BRUTAL death scene among these choices!  Sure there are LOTS of scenes we could have picked but just like the movies, your choices are bad and few.   Now, keep in mind these are NSFW, heck, they just aren’t SAFE. So watch with a strong stomach and some place dark…and quiet.  So what are you waiting for??? GET TO WATCHING AND VOTING!!!

1. Jason X

All we needed at the end was for Rick James to pop up and say, “Cold Blooded.”

2. Scream

One of those times that boobs on a girl…fails her udderly, no?

3. Final Destination

If there was ever a reason to look before crossing, this would be it.

4.  See No Evil

A good PSA for why you shouldn’t use your phones while in the movies…and in the movies.

5. Ghost Ship

Which would you rather have: a ship that gets stuck in the ocean, or this one?

6. Thirteen Ghosts

Watch the door stupid!  Watch the door!

7. Nightmare on Elm Street – Dream Warriors

I heard her TV career never took off after this.

8. Psycho

Maybe she shouldn’t have used all of the hot water?

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