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Superman #35

Review by John Amenta

Superman # 35

Writer- Geoff Johns
Penciller- John Romita Jr.

4 issues into Geoff Johns run on Supes and we get a feeling for where the conflict in the story will arise.So far Superman has been mentoring superhuman Neil Quinn, aka Ulysses, a man sent to the Fourth Dimension as a baby by his scientist parents. Supes emphasizes due to the parallels with his own story and decides to teach the actually human Neil about the humanity he has spent his whole life away from. In the last issue Ulysses seemingly killed an innocent man enslaved by techno terrorist The Machinist,but Supes assures him that the man was already dead, a zombie puppet of sorts. After more conflict with the villain, Ulysses uses his powers to see that the Machinist has been supplying weapons to bad people the world over, and tells Superman that they should use their powers to rid humanity of weapons. Supes explains that it is futile, and Ulysses,not understanding how humanity spends more energy fighting itself rather than helping each other disappears. He returns at the end of the issue with an offer to the people of Earth, which is clearly setting up the conflict with Superman we have been expecting.

Johns has a good handle on the character of Superman,optimistic and helpful Boy Scout,who has been on earth long enough to understand the flaws in humanity. Ulysses is written as young,naive and alien to Earth,trying to wrap his head around the world he was forced to leave. Johns also has done a good job of counterbalancing Supes supporting cast at the Daily Planet,and giving them good story time as well.

John Romita Jr’s art is by far one of the most divisive amongst the comics community. All I have to say is that I don’t normally read this title,and as much as I like Johns as a writer,it was JRJR’s contribution that got me on board. This is classic Romita, and it’s as simple as that. If you don’t like his style,you will be put off,if you love it,this is a rare treat,as he is mostly known for his Marvel work. There is a two page spread of Supes and Ulysses picking a tanker up out of the ocean that is everything I love about comics. The detail as they strain to lift, the water draining off of their faces and bodies.This is art people! Looking forward to the next issue.

4 stars of 5 stars.

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