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Resident Evil 6: Saving The Best For Last

By Valerie Greene

Shortly after the success of 2012 Resident Evil: Retribution, Sony announced that a sixth and final installment of the franchise was slated for release in 2014. However, director Paul W.S. Anderson is only half way done with the script, so that release date will most likely be pushed back to 2015. With that said, Resident Evil 6 does have a working title.

Resident Evil 6: The Last Chapter (previous title was Resident Evil: Rising) is the working title, and will wrap up the franchise. Now that it is coming to an end, maybe there will be a reboot sometime in the future? I know fans have been praying for an RE film that in some way resembles the beloved game franchise.

The film series seemed to be on the right track, but took a serious nose dive after this travesty:

Which in his defense, was not directed by Paul. W.S. Andersen…Not that it was super obvious. The series was able to bounce back a bit with its most profitable, RE film to date:

Now, despite the series being critically panned by film goers and critics alike, the Resident Evil series has shown us two things:

1. There is in fact an audience for videogame to film properties–even with an R rating.

2. This can open up the door to more (and seemingly respected) video game properties, such as the up and coming films Assassin’s Creed, and the Last of Us.

3. Maybe those films can breath new life in what seems to be a stagnant state for video game films.

Say what you will about the RE film series, but it is slated to be the most profitable video game series of all time. With all five films sitting at over $900 million dollars (if you don’t believe me, do the math on, this next film is certain to put the franchise in the billion dollar club. Hopefully this last film will send the series out with a loud bang!

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