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The Friday Geek for October 10, 2014

Dropping dime on stuff you may have missed this week…

and for some of us it’s a LONG weekend but before we slip out let’s drop a few tidbits especially it they are New York Comic Con related!!!


Flash is off to a sizzling start.  After positive buzz this week along with the premier of Arrow, the show’s creators let the cat out of the bag…or should we say Reverse Flash???   CBR revealed this photo along with several others meaning that CW and the show producers are making their best efforts to bring Flash’s portion of the DC Universe to the small (but if you have a 60″ screen is that considered small??) screen. No announcement as to what episode he will show up.


Alex Ross just released a photo at NYCC of Secret War. 

I know somebody out there is shaking their head and saying ‘not another one”.  but yes…there will be another secret war…and pay attention to who you see…and don’t see, in the picture.

While we are on the subject of Marvel and NYCC, check out the fighting game coming to mobile platforms entitled Marvel Contest of Champions

Last but not least, coming this spring…Disney has a live action movie coming called Tomorrowland.  Check out this trailer

Could be a sleeper hit !!!

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That’s it for us!!!   Fight the good fight, enjoy the weekend and keep the Mondays at bay!!



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