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The Destiny Loot Cave and why they will never go away…

by Dale Harvey

Two weeks into Destiny and with one of the first two hotfixes, Bungie has decided to try and regulate the nature of the loot cave by increasing the spawn timers on the ones that were being used the most, and by changing the nature of the endgame drops after a hard wipe for one of the missions of the game.

This has brought about a lot of discussion, good and bad about Destiny, and I won’t really even try to go into most of that, because if you play Destiny, you know right where you stand on that issue.

Now please allow me to talk completely out of my ass for a bit, but what I find very interesting in all of this is that in order to combat the issue, instead of a fix to the loot tables, they made a choice to lengthen the timers on the spawners?

This leads me to believe that messing with the loot tables is a much more complex undertaking, and possibly something that is rooted to every mob in the game. In making the farming of loot from the most popular caves take longer, they might believe that you’re going to discourage players from this type of activity, and why this might work for a percentage of the players, it doesn’t seem like Bungie is ready to up the spawn timers for every cave and honey hole in the game, as I’m sure this would turn their game from feeling like an active alive world, or worlds to planets and areas devoid of life and action.

So if you can’t make a global change to every spawner, there is going to be plenty of them still running on 2, 4, and 6 second cycles, and if that is the case then players are going to continue to find them, and get their farm on. Plenty of people are offering up fixes at the moment, but it just may be something that cannot be simply fixed as whatever the best fix may be may very well cripple the game.

As it stands now, loot caves, and honey holes are still up and active all around the world of Destiny. I’m very interested to see if Bungie can come up with a fix that will let players feel like they are getting a better bang for their buck as they play the way that the devs have intended for them to play, or if the community will continue to find ways to play the game in the way that they want to play it.

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