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Blacklist Season 2 Premier Review

by James Reed


So let’s recap from season 1, we have a former government agent who goes by the name of “Red” who turns himself into the FBI, but not for protection; it’s because he has a list. A very special list of names he’s been collecting since he went rogue which contains the world’s most dangerous criminal masterminds, everything from serial killers to assassins for hire. His only stipulation to giving the names is that he works with the new fresh recruit, Agent Elizabeth Keen.

I must say, I wasn’t really fond of the premise of the show, because let’s face it, we have seen this done, so many times. So what makes this show different? The answer: James Spader !! Never has the bad guy made a role so good on TV. He really knocks it out the park with this character, even while giving hindsight on how to catch these “names” on the list; he still manages to keep his hand in his own devious operations around the world. Season 2 begins with Red looking for answers to finding “Berlin”, played by Peter Stomare, who escaped during the season 1 finale. Also it focuses on Agent Keen who is desperate to find answers of her faux husband who also is a spy.

And in pops “Lord Baltimore” an assassin for hire, also a name on the list, only to set forth a chain of events that brings Red’s personal life into play: his ex-wife. As the audience we piece together the clues given to us. Red and Keen both have burn marks from accident 20 years ago, which brings back up the question of is Red really Agent Keen’s father? Then we see a picture of Berlin’s daughter on his pocket watch, the same picture we saw Red take from the “Stewmaker” which then asks the question, how did Red have a part in Berlin’s daughter’s death? Will Agent Keen get her answers as well? Will Red’s ex-wife be mailed in pieces? As we saw he received only her finger in the shows ending. If you love spy thrillers and espionage action, then this show should definitely be on your radar.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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