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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 premier – THIS IS WAR!!

By Aitch Cee


Celebrations, weird vines, shotguns, history and confusion.   While it could almost sum up the whole show, it’s actually the first 20 minutes. If you wanted to catch up with Sleepy Hollow, Fox has been rebroadcasting season one for the past few weeks to get you caught up but in case you forgot what happened, last season ended with Ichabod Crane buried alive after he finds out his son is actually one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Abbie in purgatory Jenny possibly dead and Katrina Crane in between the worlds of the past and present.

The show really does start off with a bang as Abbie and Ichabod battle one of the headless minions and when it’s over the show takes a serious rollercoaster ride and feels a bit all over the place and if you were as confused as I was, within 15 minutes we find out why. None of it really happened as we figure out that our main characters are actually right where we left them.   So now that we have had a chance to catch our breath, the show rights its course and we meet another member of the Hellfire Club (no not the X-men’s arch rivals) a founding father by the name of Ben Franklin.   At this point the show picks up its pace as we find out that Ben wasn’t just working on discovering electricity but he was trying to destroy an object that unlocked worlds.   This object of course if it fell into the hands of Moloch could unleash a reign of terror upon the earth.

Followed by some more sequences which included Ichabod learning a use for cellphones (it’s still hokey how Ichabod can use some modern technology and others he has no grasp of) and natural explosives as well as his limited ability to drive, he somehow, with Jenny’s help makes it to purgatory to save Abbie and then there is a cool yet, typical face off battle. But does it end well or does someone lose their head in anger? You have to watch and see.

Sleepy Hollow in my opinion came out of its blocks really strong last night. It still has the same amount of tenseness, drama, and humor as it did last season. I enjoyed the pace of the show as it knew when to pick up and then slow down to draw the audience in. Even John Cho’s appearance was brilliant a he seemed ‘normal’ but we find out he is still trying to help Abbie and keep Moloch from winning. Sleepy Hollow also still manages to do well with the revisionist history as we find out more of who Ichabod was involved with at the birth of the country and how was we learned ‘was probably wrong’ at least for the sake of the show.

With everything going right for it, it was a great way to come in after Gotham and a fun romp to end the night.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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