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The Friday Geek for September 19, 2014

Dropping dime on stuff you may have missed this week…

Yet another Friday is staring you dead in the face. Are you counting down the hours to the weekend? Are you bored at work?  Local radio got you down? Check out Krypton Radio!  Sci Fi for you wifi!!  Chocked with tons of music and original program and best of ALL, it’s  live!  Click the image below for more.

So what are you going to do this weekend??? It’s getting a little nippy out there as fall is rolling in, so let’s make some suggestions!

Are you a Bond fan? If you are in the MD, DC, VA  area check out the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention at the Hunt Valley Wyndham in Hunt Valley MD

Some of the Guests on tap will be:

George Lazenby
Veronica Cartwright
Lana Wood

Ok as requested by one of our readers, if you aren’t close to Maryland there are some movies to see.  These suggestions of  releases courtesy of IMDB:

The Maze Runner

This is Where I Leave You

A Walk Among Tombstones.


…and let scuttlebutt tell it, No Good Deed, will probably be a better look! Fellas, if it’s date night always remember: Ladies Love Idris!!!

Did you guys hear about Aaron Brown and his cool prosthetics? He is building Wolverine claws for kids. No, they aren’t made of adamantium nor will they hurt, but they will help kids in need. Check more for the story here

Ok…this may be old but it’s hilarious if you need a good laugh and your Friday is crummy. Check out the Star Wars Dance Off at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Ok real talk…some of you may be trying to meet “The One” this weekend or at least a proximity of…but seriously, no matter how fine he or she is, are you willing to overlook their foibles and still date them, or are you in it to hit it and quit it?  Check out this video by fellow contributor Leroy Rivera and discuss amongst yourselves…and take some hand sanitizer with you.

So, next week, all things TV geeky starts.  Gotham, Agents of SHIELD and more will be set to keep us glued.  But did you hear about Ascension on Syfy?  Don’t worry, neither did I.   All I know is it looks like it could be a live action murder mystery in space and Tricia Helfer is on board.  But we have to wait until November for this!  Check out the trailer below:

Oh! before we bounce out of here for the weekend, did you see Lupita Nyong’o on Sesame Street?   No, well look below!


Fight the good fight against Mondays and see ya next week!!!

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