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The Review Brew (yes, they wanted their name back!!) – Spetember 17, 2014


Unity #11

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Color Artist: Allen Passalaqua
Reviewer: Ray ‘Suga Ray’ Willis

With Livewire bringing down GIN-GR, team Unity faces a threat of the drones that GIN-GR has released. The issue mainly focus’ on Ninjak with Eternal Warrior as his backup dealing with the various drones that have been spread across the city, along with Livewire who is having trouble just to keep up with each drone but is determined to do what she can.

I have loved Armor Hunters since the first issue dropped for it and the dynamic of these hunters going after Aric’s armor but it’s almost over with under a month left for the Valiant Event. Matt Kindt has been on point with Unity since the beginning and has really giving these characters a lot of chemistry. Ninjak was definitely the star of this issue, showcasing his chivalry, knowledge of technology and his amazing skills. Also being a billionaire like Ninjak, you do get a lot of nice gadgets to use and never let anyone else use. Eternal Warrior could have been used more but he brought up some good questions to Ninjak about leading the team and such. The last page of what Eternal Warrior says was really good. The art is amazing with the city in disarray because of the various looking drones. The drones themselves look really good and weird. The colors were really good as well.

I really enjoyed this issue of Unity and tying it into the Armor hunter event. The writing, art, and colors were really good. Team Unity shined with Ninjak taking the spotlight in this issue but Livewire and Eternal Warrior do a good job at their positions. Armor Hunters was a really good event that is now coming to a close and have enjoyed it. Valiant has been knocking it out the park with quality of their titles and hope to see more people pick up more Valiant titles.

5 out of 5 Ninjaks


The Strain – Night Eternal #2

Writer: David Lapham
Artist: Mike Huddleston
Reviewer: Ray Willis

If you have been watching television you may heard of a show called The Strain which is about vampires or Strigoi but not of the ordinary variety. These vampires are created through a virus and not always by being bitten. The master has won and conquered the world and the only people that are able to defeat him are hiding waiting for the time to strike. Ephram Goodweather is having a hard time after two years, dealing with new masters ruling the Earth, his lost son, and the people that he’s been letting down.

I know this is the last arc before the end of The Strain and I have really been enjoying the ride. This is a really good issue giving insight on the various happenings of the group. I enjoyed David Lapham’s work on Crossed which works really works with The Strain comic series because you get this really interesting team dynamic which really meshes together. He gives us a taste of what each member of the group member is doing such as Nora trying to keep her mom safe, Ephram who still is trying to find his son, and Vasily who readies for the next fight.

I also liked the art and the colors which really complimented each other really well. One gripe that I have is that fighting the strigoi with a sword and no gloves on kind of weird when rendered. I mean fighting them with gloves would pose less risk of infection. Also the line work does get kind of thick on some characters but it’s not that serious. I enjoyed this issue even with my gripes and hope everyone that is still reading and watching the show enjoy this series.

4 out of 5 Strigoi
The Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors from the Counter World #1

Writer – Grant Morrison
Artist – Chris Sprouse
Reviewer – Alex “I got 10K Problems but a comic ain’t 1” Krefetz

Grant Morrison returns in the second installment of his Multiversity story exploring the 52 parallel universes that make up DC comics. Despite the long title, this story is a continuation of the first issue of Multiversity – each issues takes place in a parallel universe with unique takes on DC characters. Grant Morrison is known for writing some heady comics, but always has interesting ideas even if it takes a few reads to understand everything going on.

This issue follows remixed DC characters such as Doc Fate (a combination of sorcerer Dr. Fate and badass pulp adventurer Doc Savage), the Blackhawk fighting squadron and the golden-age Atom, Al Pratt as they fight against a mysterious world-ending phenomenon. Those who read the first issue and hoped the second would follow up with the same characters will be disappointed; none of them show up here, and instead the issue is focused on building this exciting new world.

Morrison’s best ability seems to be taking older ideas and characters, reworking them in unique ways, and telling exciting stories. Multiversity is no exception, and the comic is a non-stop action trip through new characters and settings. Some may argue that enough of the plot isn’t there and it’s difficult to understand the larger story or where this fits in, but that would be missing the point. Multiversity 2 tells a gritty and whimsical tale with cool characters that I hope we’ll get to see again not only in this series, but on their own in the future. The story would be great on its own, but the art by Chris Sprouse deserves an honorable mention. He combines venues ranging from New York City to undead tombs and creepy swamps, each looking better than the last. There’s an energy from panel to panel that makes for an exciting read, and colors that pop off the page.

Though some of the references and plot may go over your head on a first read, I have to recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun adventure with interesting characters. I’m excited to see where the series goes next.

Five man-eating crocodiles out of Five

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #5

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez
Reviewer: Oz Longworth Jr., the Three Time Thumb War Champion of the World

Ultimate Spider-Man has maintained its position not only as Brian Michael Bendis’ crown jewel for 14 years straight, but as the ONLY reason to even keep up with the Ultimate Universe anymore. Even Peter Parker’s (presumed) death and passing of the mantle hasn’t done anything to break this book’s stride. But will Peter(?) and Norman Osborn’s returns overshadow Miles Morales….the titular character?

This issue picks right up where the last left off where Miles and PossiblyPeter have just thrown down with the Green Goblin and are left holding the bag when the cops arrive. In that regard, it could almost be considered just another day in the life of a Spider-Man. This is all pretty good if you’ve liked this book up to this point, but Maria Hill is really shaping up to be a supporting character that fits well in Miles’ world. Meanwhile, the Goblin has a very unique run-in with J. Jonah Jameson and the exchange is bizarre but still entertaining. I must admit that even though Jameson’s more reasonable approach to these things seems logical (and very well written, by the way), JK Simmons’ portrayal in the Raimi films leaves me wanting more of the hyperbolic, cigar chewing blowhard lunatic we know and love. Also, we check back in with the mysterious Spider Bandits. It’s not a huge contribution to moving the narrative along but it’s nice that Bendis is finally laying down some context to tie it to the rest of the book. Meanwhile, David Marquez’s work is getting to that “above reproach” level. Each face is so uniquely expressive and beautifully rendered. And man-oh-man, he might just draw the best looking Ultimate Green Goblin I’ve ever seen. Every scene Norman’s in leaves you in complete suspense, wondering if someone else is going to get flame broiled with reckless abandon.

Bottom Line: Granted, it could have stood to move the plot along a little faster for the 5th issue, but still a really strong one nonetheless.

3.5 out of 5 Jammed webshooters

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