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Baltimore Comic Con 2014 Wrap up

Marvel vs DC Cosplay Shoot

By Aitch Cee


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Another Baltimore Comic Con has come and gone. Feet are sore, books are signed, pictured are almost edited, and video still needs to be done. All in all, another great show.   One of the few times of the year where many of us will get together and hang out, meet new friends, get re-acquainted with old ones and celebrate our geekdom.

To look back, this is how I would sum things up:

  • I really did enjoy the Friday opening. It really was a great way for me to do some shopping and get books signed and allow me to enjoy Saturday even more. A 3 day opening is a great idea and thankfully next year September 25 – 27, 2015 will continue this new tradition.
  • While I did like the new hall, many of us felt like the ventilation and AC could have been a bit higher on Saturday when the crowds came in. On the plus side however, the new space did allow for more foot traffic and much less bottlenecks that have been an issue in years past. Even in costume, I did find it easy to get from one side of the show to the other with no issues at all.
  • If you ever look over this show, you missed a great opportunity to meet Gail Simone, Mark Waid, Tradd Moore, The Simonsons, Justin Jordan, Alex Maleev, Mark Morales, Mark McKenna, George Perez, Rags Morales, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Eric Powell, Dean Haspeil, Charles Soule, Jim Starlin and SO many more with little to no wait times unlike you would at New York Comic Con.
  • I have read a few other accounts that Baltimore could have done better with the ‘star power’ of this con. If anyone has any complaints about who showed up, please not only refer to the partial list of people I listed above, then you should visit their main site to see everyone who came. Any con you go to is what you make it. Not to mention most of these guests are gracious enough to come back yearly which means they appreciate the show and the fans and we are glad for it.
  • There are a bunch of cosplay panels this weekend. All had wonderful turnouts and I was proud to be the host of one! It was great to see people come through and ask questions to help them with the costuming and well as possibly inspire the next generation os cosplayers.
  • Every year there are more and more kids coming and in costume! If there ever were a family friendly event this would be it.
  • The biggest highlight was the big cosplay shoot at 11am on Sunday morning. Was really nice to see people turn out to the shoot and not only support Baltimore Comic Con but the new CosLove initiative that aims at making sure we use our cosplay powers for good.


So now as I post this as well as a few pictures and video, I am already looking forward to next year. Never let it be said that you can’t enjoy yourself in town and I can attest to the fun I have had for seven years and running!!!


Stay tuned this week and some videos will be going up with guests from the show!


See ya next year!

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