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Check out this Indie project: School #6: Girl With the Dark Halo Indie-Go-Go Fundraiser!

The announcement from my friend Brian concerning his ook
“Big announcement! School, Issue 6 has been given another “Indie-Go-Go” and its campaign to be funded has gone live today! Since Kickstarter, the campaign has made some changes – the print count has gone down to only 100 copies, to make it more reachable. AND, the quality comes from a local Wisconsin printer (I just prefer these things to be kept within the state). Lastly, if I reach my stretch goal of $3000, I will re-print issue #5 of School, which is currently out of print. Come help a local artist out! You’ll get rewarded for your efforts, I’ll make sure you do.  Thank you, again, for helping out local talent, and help realizing their dreams!”

Brian Defferding
Freelance Illustrator

So what is it about?
School: A Ghost Story is about a 12-year-old girl named Lindsay.  One day, Lindsay suddenly wakes up as a ghost inside an elementary school, covered in blood.  She almost has no memory of what happened to her, nor cannot recall why she is inside this school nor why she is a ghost; thus she goes on a journey to put the puzzle of her life back together again; however the moment she leaves the school, she enters the realm of the dead.  Furthermore, there are monsters in this dead world who wants to take the only thing Lindsay has left: Her soul.  Will she figure out the mystery behind her murder before the monsters grab a hold of her?  Or will her obsession get her sucked down into the depths of the abyss before it all?

Welcome to the first day of school.

Sounds like an eerie read especially with Halloween coming soon!!

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