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The Friday Geek – August 29, 2014

by Aitch Cee

As some of us roll out of town to enjoy one last gasp of summer fun at the beach and BBQs before returning to work and school, we want to look at some of the news items that came out this week that some of us may or may not have seen:

Michael Jackson’s 56th Birthday

For many fans, it’s still had to believe that he is gone. Today he would have been 56 and his fanbase is still strong. His 2nd posthumous album of unreleased tracks, Xscape dropped in May 2014 which debuted at number 2 on the US Billboard charts and sold over 155,000 copies its first week. The 2nd single, A Place with No Name, just dropped recently. Check it out.


Sam Wilson as Captain America

So we have already heard earlier this month that Sam Wilson will be replacing Steve Rogers as Captain America. has released a picture of artwork created by the prolific artist Alex Ross.  I can’t wait for this book and this cover to drop in November.


Blacklist on Netflix?


Yes, you heard right. Netflix paid Sony Pictures TV for the rights to have season one stream on Netflix at 2 million PER EPISODE. Yeah, Netflix got dibs over Hulu. But then, most of us wouldn’t have watched Breaking Bad if it wasn’t for that deal that Sony TV and Netflix had…right?


Scoot Mcnairy as…Flash? Maybe…or not


Pictures surfaced earlier this week that Scoot McNairy was seen onset with green socks. This wasn’t a fashion statement as it was rumored he would be playing either Flash or Metallo. So what will he be doing? The Devil’s Eyes says that Scoot’s character won’t be so super-powered…but then again.  As always, take anything like this with a grain of salt.
Speaking of Superman…

Did you guys see Henry Cavill and Amy Adams do the ALS challenge? Take a look below:


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