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Dimitris’ Toy Collection


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**Dimitris was one of the guys who inspired me to improve my skills with toy photography, so a big thanks to him for being a part of this spotlight -Aitch**

My name is Dimitris Chatigeorgiou and I’m coming from Greece (Hellas). I was born in 1982. I have a lot of hobbies and interests.

I like to travel, photography, working out, music, collecting various stuff and more. Three of my favorite hobbies are video games, comics and movies..I love movies! Those three have also something else in common, “action figures”! So I couldn’t resist adding toy collecting as a hobby too!

I’ve been collecting figures and statues since 2004 and my collection consists of more than two hundred pieces, some big and others small, some expensive and other not so much!!!

If they don’t cost you a lot then it’s not a hobby! The first piece of my collection was a statue from the movie The Crow with Brandon Lee. It’s an excellent piece of art at my hands to remind me of that beautiful movie and all the feelings I get every time I watch it again and again! not only is that statue one of my favorites it also has the honor being the first one!

Another one that I like a lot is the statue of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, another great movie, a masterpiece actually! Who hasn’t seen this movie! ET and I have something in common. We both were “born” in 1982. So I wanted to have something to remind me that year and what’s better than one of the greatest movies of all time! Many people will think that we collect toys…But that’s not the true! We collect memories; memories of things that we like to have close to us, to brighten our mood or even give us power sometimes!  Just not superpower!

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