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Action Comics # 1 – When a million dollars is not enough

by Lee  Gordon
Austin Powers had a scene where Dr. Evil was holding  the earth ransom for 1 million dollars. He was corrected by one of his henchmen, by being told that it wasn’t enough because it wasn’t a financially responsible decision.  It’s fiction of course when you think of a man who wants a million dollars for the planet.  For people like us, one of the greatest financial decisions you could make is when you finance a car or a house, but now you can add buying a comic book to the list. With less than 6 days left, the highest graded copy of Action Comics #1 has already surpassed 1.75 million, $550,000 more than what I told my coworkers I bid. 
Of course, this is a book I could never afford, and I’m ok with that. I do find the quality of such an old book to be amazing. It isn’t often you see a comic book from 1938 graded by CGC to reach a universal 9.0 with white pages. Try leaving a white piece of paper on a windowsill and see how long it takes for the paper to change. 
I can almost imagine Paul Litch (Primary Grader) calling out to his peers, “Guys, you have to see this”. 
The oohs and aahs would begin. Was it passed around the office or was it limited to the rule of three graders per a book. I even see upper management joining in the historic event, because grading a very fine to near mint book from 1938 is something worth bragging about, and CGC graded two. 
The issue alone is iconic. It is the first appearance of Superman. A book that, if never created, could have stunted the comic books we know and love today. The two oldest comic books I had the luxury of being so close to was while I was at CGC. And I will remember them, but the room did not jump in excitement, as much as I think they did with this one. As I mentioned, I will never own one, but I will get caught up in the excitement of knowing something this great is up for bid. Even Matt Nelson (President of CCS) expressed his exuberance over it. He even mentions how it came across his desk which makes me wonder, was it pressed?
I’m guessing the book will hit 3.1 million. Which means I’m $3,099,999 shy. Of course I would love a Detective comics 27 (first Batman) to be found in the same grade, to give this Action Comics book a run for its money. And the only other book to hit over a million dollars was a 9.4 copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (first Spider-man), I wonder if a 9.6 or a 9.8 copy ever surfaces could that hit 2 million dollars.
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