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Cosplay Spotlight: Wendell S. !!


Where are you from originally or reside currently: From Brooklyn NY

How long you have been cosplaying: since 2009

Other characters cosplayed: Thanos, Apocalypse, Black Panther, Darkseid, John Stewart, Black Lantern Martian Man Hunter, a host of Sith, ThorMando, Mace Windu, DeathLok, Robot Ace…, 10 of Clubs… and quite a few more.

Website or facebook fan page link: ScorpionKing Costuming

1. Who or what inspired you to cosplay?
This dude named Aitch asked me if I wanted to get dressed for Halloween back in 2008.

2. What’s the biggest project you worked on thus far?
I.G.O.R. IronMan Suit and my Mando Assassin

3. Any costume you created you liked at first but them regretted after wearing?
None. I only do characters I feel I can pull off well.

4. What’s the funniest reaction you got from any of your cosplay?
Probably when I was wearing my Darth Almagulus costume and I scared a few folks as they rounded a corner… Or the time we were driving through Baltimore dressed as Sith… and pulled up beside this car, where the mom was fussing and cussing at the daughter… She turned and looked at our car and her face went white… then she started laughing… and then she was like whoa… and then she started actually talking to her daughter… Or there was the time we were in the car and pulled up beside a wanna be thug… My man was attempting to light a cigarette… He looked to his right and saw us… Put the cigarette down or dropped it… and turned back around like he was surrounded by cops…


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