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Otakon 2014

In its 20th year, Otakon is at a crossroads.   It will be moving to Washington DC in 2017 and depending on who you talked to, this year’s record crowds met with controlled chaos and confusion.  Some stated that they were concerned with the long registration lines, others stated that if you timed it right, you had no problems but it seems like beyond everything else, the record 35,000 people that are attending, and somehow mixing with the Orioles and Cardinals fans, are enjoying themselves.

Of course what Otakon would be complete without cosplay?

Below is just a sample.  If you want to see more, click here.


DSC03443 DSC03459 DSC03480 DSC03522 DSC03623 DSC03654 DSC03708 DSC03754 DSC03792 DSC03818 DSC03832 DSC03894 DSC03897 DSC03910 DSC03944 DSC03974 DSC04005 DSC04038 DSC04061 DSC04079 FILE1868

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