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Cosplay Spotlight: Brittany M. !!!

Where are you from originally or reside currently: Currently in Baltimore, Maryland

How long you have been cosplaying: since 2010

Other characters cosplayed: Yoruiichi Shiouin Weeping Angel Twister the Boardgame An Etch-A-Sketch The Flash (DC comics) Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon) Cheetara (Thundercats reboot) Shadow the Hedgehog Garnet (Steven Universe) (debuting at Otakon in a week)

Website:  KurenaiKiba

1. Who or what inspired you to cosplay?

My mother was a HUGE hand in inspiration. My dad taught me how to sew, but my mom is the one who taught me advanced techniques and still coaches me today on certain things I can’t get right with a cosplay. When I was 18 she surprised me with a trip to Katsucon 14; never knew conventions even existed, much less one being here in America. Not only that, I never knew that dressing up as your favorite character could even be possible. As we drove up to the convention and got out the car and pushed me right in front of an Inuyasha cosplayer and asked for a picture. Didn’t start cosplaying til two years later, but I’ve been obsessed with it ever since my first con.

  1. What has changed about cosplaying since you started?

Oh so many changes…. One thing, I’ve become less frightened. When I started with my first cosplay for one, I was afraid of how everyone would like it (Yoruiichi Shihouin) and two, it was a very safe cosplay that I did because I looked like the character. Now, I just don’t care. I cosplay whatever I want, which ever character inspires, and I’m not letting my looks stop me anymore. Ever since I’ve changed my attitude, I’ve had more success. Another thing that has changed is flexibility. I’ve begun to experiment more; try new materials, see how the work, look on YouTube to see what other cosplayers are using; whatever I can do to achieve the look I want.


3. Any character you want to do but is just impossible right now?

There are a few characters I would like to cosplay as, but honestly I just don’t have the time for it between full time school and almost full time hours (32) work, and getting my business off the ground. My boyfriend and I are gigantic Transformers fans and the last TV series from the franchise that we are obsessed with is Transformers Prime. I’m fawning over the look of Soundwave. I have the mock up for it and everything, but it would be too big of a project this year because I would like it to transform into a plane and have his face screen read soundwaves. He’s just the beginning of my list. I have so many more from injustice Hawkgirl all the way to a Borg, it’s just that they all take time that I don’t have time to do right now. Even though I don’t have the time now, I will in the future. My list will get done.

4. What are your thoughts about sexual harassment and cosplay? Any advice you can give to people dealing with this situation?

AH sexual harassment and cosplay…It has definitely happened to me a few times (in and out of cosplay), but I’ve always been courageous enough to defend myself and never put into a position where I couldn’t defend my body either. That and when I see someone else is in trouble, I help as well. The best advice that I could give to both guys and gals out there is to remember that you’re a beautiful person and that your body is a temple, don’t let just anyone come and defile it’s sacred grounds. Defend it because it’s the only one you have. And if you can’t defend it, you’re not alone out there. There are other good people out there that if you ask for help or if they see you’re in trouble, they’ll come and help you out. I know I’m one of them.


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