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4 Questions with – Nikkol Jelenic

So, we asked Nikkol Jelenic, one of the founding members of Virtual INKS, and horror writer and artist a few questions.  This is what we got!

  • Which world would you prefer to live in if it changed tomorrow? The Walking Dead or Hunger Games?

I’ve never gotten into THG but I’ve heard it’s about people being forced to kill each other. I would have to go with TWD since that world still gives us a choice in killing each other. But at the same time, dead people eating you alive terrifies me so I’m a bit torn.

  • After 3 dates you find out your date really hates horror movies, (but he is fooooine and he can draw his @ss off)  how do you break it off with them?

I’ve made it a rule to not date co-workers so dating an artist is a deal breaker thus not being a horror fan wouldn’t be the 1st issue.

  • What comic character is severely under rated as a horror character and how would you improve them?

That’s a great & tough question… I mostly read horror comics so all those characters are typecast justly. As far as a mainstream character, 1st name comes to mind would be Wolfsbane. I LOVE werewolves so I’d be pretty stoked to do a horrific storyline for her.

  • In a fight between Cthulhu and Satan who wins and how?

Hmmm well, my very 1st creator owned project involved H.P.’s lil darling so biased as I am, I’d have to go Cthulhu if one must win… but just seeing the battle would be enough for me. Sounds epically evil.


If you want to see more of her work, click here to see her amazing art and also check out her book!

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