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4 Questions with – Andrew Hope!


This week we ask Andrew Hope who recently completed a “Mavel-ous” run on Fantomex Max some off the cuff questions and here is what we got!

1. Fantomex, Deadpool and the Punisher are on a roadtrip in a Honda Civic on an 8hr drive. Who is driving? Who is riding shotgun? And who instigates the fight from the backseat?

Fantomex is driving. He’s a huge control freak, PLUS he’s incredibly arrogant and self-centered. He can only trust himself to make sure it’s done right. The Punisher is riding shotgun, because Fantomex respects the fact he’s a single-minded guy who can be trusted when the chips are down not to go off script. Deadpool, being the loose cannon, can’t stand these two uptight douchebags. Not only is he enjoying annoying the hell out of them from the backseat, he also enjoys the challenge of seeing if he can play them off each other.

2. If you could change a major character’s costume today, who would it be and why?

Tough one. Captain Britain. He’s too gentrified right now. I actually sent in a pitch to reboot the character, and the costume was much darker. My take was Alf Tupper meets Lewis Collins. For all my fellow Brits.

3. You get a $1000 to blow on one or the other (and you have to spend it): an Incredible Hulk 181 ( first appearance of Wolverine) , or buy tickets for you and a friend to see your favorite football team with locker room access and a team signed kit.

Hmmm. Well, I’m a huge fan of Glasgow Rangers football club (my hometown team), and I’m all about digital media, so hands down, it’s the football. And that’s real football, I mean. Soccer, for you lads n the colonies.
(Aitch sez ‘GGMU!!’)

4. What comic character do you think is in the most need of a couch trip with a therapist?

Man, they’ve all changed so much. Used to be the civilian identities were important, but nowadays unfortunately not so much. I could be obvious and say Deadpool, but I’d like to know what Peter Parker is really like. I feels he’s the most well rounded character in comics today. Of course, when he comes back, he’ll have learned some positive lessons from observing how Doc Ock has used his body.

And that’s all for now!   Thanks Andrew and we will be on the lookout for anything new coming soon!!!

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