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4 Questions with – Victor Castro !!


1.        You are witness to a mob hit, who do you hire to protect you, Deadpool  or the Punisher?

I would have to say Punisher, mainly because he will end up killing the entire mob family anyway. Deadpool would find humor in me getting killed.

2.        Who would you hire to collect on your Seahawks bets?  Hobgoblin,  Deathstroke, Lobo  or Sabretooth

Getting my money back would be the main idea so that cancels out Lobo and Sabertooth, they would just kill everyone and I wouldn’t get paid. Hobgoblin would extort the money from me after he collected it so I would have to day Deathstroke, I would at least get 20% of my total, he would take the rest.

(Aitch – What about Stewie Griffin??)

Stewie would just go back in time and force me to make a bad bet with my money, he is a jerk.

3.       If you could pick up the pen of a famous artist and gain his ability who would it be?

Without a doubt is would be Walt Simonson. Walt not only has the ability to create amazing dynamics but he can create entire civilizations. He put Asgard in all of our imaginations, yeah it would be Walt.

4.       What was the one thing you hated to draw but afterwards you thought it to be one of your best works?

I really hate drawing cityscapes, regardless of the title, it stinks all around. There is a lot of fact in drawing a wide scale perspective and it can get messed up early and often. I conquered that with my graphic novel Scionic from Arcana Studios and the pages with me city work are some of the best ones.

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