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4 Questions with Dean Haspiel

So to do something a little quirky, we are going to ask some comic artists and creators some off the wall questions and let them respond. This week, we threw some at Dean Haspiel who is currently working on The Fox with Mark Waid in which issue #4 is due to hit stands tomorrow!   Let’s see how he does.


1.       If the Fox ran out of clean tights but his wife needed saving from his nemesis, how would he improvise? 


Tuck cock, pucker sphincter, ball up fists, make an ugly face and kick box into action.


2.       Since you are in Denmark, what is the coolest thing you have seen thus far?


To be honest, I’ve hardly left The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark since I got here. However, I got to hang out, so far, with a German CGI artist who did special effects for IRON MAN 3 and GRAVITY, and one of the animators who directed BROTHER BEAR.


3.       You walk in on Tony Starks and you find him sitting at a table with nothing but Legos, in 3 words or less what did he build?


If you meant Tony Stark, than he built a Beer Hat. If you meant Tony Starks aka Ghostface Killah, (AHA!!!   Dean did not get tripped up!!!! – Aitch)  then he built a Bulletproof Wallet



4.       You get to give a gifted 5 year old  3 crayons in which there is a 50/50 chance they will create a work of art to be revered.  What 3 colors would you give them?


Orange, Blue, and Black.


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