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Anticipating the Return of Parker


One of the first titles I remember picking up once I got back into comics in 2008 was Amazing Spider-Man’s One More Day and for some, was probably one of the worst ways of being reintroduced to the characters since I had stopped reading comics in the late 80s.

After reading that story arc, it took me some time to find a good relationship with Amazing Spider-man comics before I felt comfortable reading it regularly.  Enter, Dan Slott. Love him or hate him,  I feel that Slott has had a great  handle on Spider-man as a character especially with story arcs like New Ways to Die, Shed, and Spider Island.

Sure, Slott may have divided the comic community with ASM 700 but I stuck with it just to see how it could go and I must say, Slott’s works on Superior Spider-man has avoided becoming hokey and has served to show how much more of a mess he can make of Peter’s life that he will have to clean up once he is back in control.  Many of us are in anticipation of Peter’s return and while I may not be one who likes how death and resurrections are used in comics, Slott really crafted a story of how one can ‘lose’, give another a chance for redemption and have them fail, with the opportunity of seeing the hero overcome a unique failure not directly of his own doing.

Many fans I talked to expressed displeasure with Otto taking over and attempting to fix Peter’s life because they felt that it took away everything that Peter Parker meant to comic readers as being the ultimate under achiever.  If none of those who were displeased, bothered to read the entirety of Superior Spider-man are missing on the ultimate story of what it can be like to eventually having to suffer a great loss (to one’s integrity and reputation) and now having to rise up and gain it all back.  Many have missed the whole point of Otto’s takeover.  He had ‘won’ but at what cost?  And we all know that Peter is coming back and he is going to win big over Otto but again what will his win cost him?

Some of you may say “what are you talking about?” and what I am saying is this, while most of us worry over how Parker’s return is handled, I am more concerned on how he will pick up the mess that is his life. To name a few, Peter will have to repair his relationship with Aunt May and Jay, sort out his relationship with Ana Maria (unless Slott kills her first which I am guessing may happen) as well as coming to grips with his job situation and repairing his reputation with the Avengers and the populace in general. What will he do once he realizes that Mary Jane has moved on?  These are questions that will have to be answered.

I suspect that Peter’s transition back into his body and the eventual demise of Otto will be easy in the short term while his future and his place in it will require a long term difficult  fix and those are the stories I am waiting to read.

If you have waited this long to read Superior Spider-man, read it all now before Peter returns, and you can see it all unfold before you.

Below is another perspective on Slott’s run.

Superior reverts to Amazing?

by Lee Gordon

Information was popping up all over comic book news feeds about the Return of the Amazing Spider-Man. If you have not been paying attention to the latest storyline with Venom in Superior Spider-Man, you might ask yourself, how is that possible? Amazing Spider-Man number one will be released in April with a new number one. I have made it known I don’t like new number ones just to have a new number one. In other feeds I have already expressed no desire to start a New Amazing Spider-Man if the self proclaimed Superior one is still around.

My money is limited and a new number one is no longer the way into my wallet. When Marvel first announced the end of ASM with issue 700 I was a bit upset, I couldn’t help but think not another number one. As a collector I love having numbers in the hundreds. The New Mutants would be my first claim to collect a series from the beginning (issue 15, truth be told) all the way into the hundreds and beyond. It never happened. X-Force was born.

Dan Slott has earned my respect. He has come a long way from writing Ren and Stimpy. He took two fifty year old characters and made them fresh. I picked up every issue and… I’ll stop there, I don’t like spoilers, unless they are from River Song, but to get a hint of what’s going to happen pick up the latest Superior Spider-Man. Dan Slott has turned the comic world on their heads when Otto Octavius first became not only Spider-Man, but Peter Parker.

Not since Gerry Conway killed Gwen Stacy was there such uproar, and after almost two years of Superior I thank Dan for that. Start reading True Believers, the best just became Amazing.

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