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Fangasm Does Not Disappoint

Real talk.  I had  low expectations for this show.  This show comes on the heels of Heroes of Cosplay which to me and my friends who also cosplay really sent some bad vibes throughout our community.  I almost didn’t watch this episode because I thought to myself, “How else can SyFy demean the geek community?”

So, I sat on my couch with a serious side eye and a case of haterade ready to throw at this show and at the end, I was pleasantly surprised.  The premise was that 7 people in their 20s gets a chance to not only work for Stan Lee and organize Comikaze, a comic event held in the fall in Los Angeles, but live together and geek out.  This sounds like Real World but for geeks.  So, I am already putting my head down, and please note, Real World was cool for the first 2 seasons but wore out its welcome afterwards.

It didn’t help matters that the guys they selected were almost as stereotypical in geek-dom  as they come. Andrew is the really goofy looking guy whose dream is to captain the Enterprise and not work AT Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Mike who is the cool, suave Black Guy geek who makes nerd-dom work for him, there is Paul who has dreams of getting out of his parents’ house (at which point this got a side eye and a facepalm), and then there is Sal who I can’t quite place because his almost a sum of all of the guys.

The ladies consist of Dani, Kristen, and Molly who initially seem to be the hot geek ladies of the house that ordinary guys who are geeks would be afraid to approach but as the show progresses, we find out that they have just as many idiosyncrasies and geek quirks as any of us out here do especially when it comes to dating and relating to the opposite sex in terms of being into geek culture.

So after the introductions we get into the show and after they get settled in at their house, things get interesting.  I cannot tell you how much I cracked up when Andrew started counting off who would hook up because it was awkward and hilarious at the same time and even more funny when someone points out, I believe it was Molly, that Andrew who is the guy that was probably getting more attention than anyone else.   It made me laugh because at that point, even as uncomfortable that conversation might have been, there is some truth to the fact that some of the geekiest among us are the ones who get that attention those others may not get.

Now, lighting a grill…ugh come on guys!!!!  I just don’t know where I can go with this one it was more ‘stereotypical’ than it was funny BUT the plus of it was, they all worked together to get a problem solved and by the way, if you are ever in Maryland, please allow me to show you how to work a grill with some charcoal and wood!!! It will change your life!

I am however glad that these folks could drive so there was that!

So now we are at the point where the crew is on their first assignment with getting the petition signed and it’s about know where, I am still looking for the other shoe to drop and we delve into typical reality show nonsense, but I was glad that they didn’t.  The crew goes out, get people to sign, have a party and yes, Andrew, I dug what Molly and the ladies were saying about cheapening geekdom with the T and A.

At this point, this is where the show could have taken this turn of making it men vs the women but thankfully, they had this moment and they wisely kept it moving.

Hey…sidebar!!!   If I am mixing events up, it’s 7 am while I am writing this so BEAR WITH ME!!!

Anywho, let’s honestly move on past the hot tub scene and the contest to meet George Takei, where I was kind of hoping that Paul would have given the prize to Andrew. What happened at the end however with him taking George back to meet the rest of his housemates was the epitomes of cool.  And Andrew’s reaction was priceless and brought a smile to my face.  That’s what friends do.  If there is a way I know something that my friends need, I will do what I can to meet that need and considering Andrew is a guy he just recently met, that touch at the end was a good way to go out of the episode. It’s the kind of unselfish thing that you do if it’s in your power to do.

So , I went into this first episode with a side eye and came out with a smile on my face and I am a bit more hopeful that this show can be consistent as it progresses.  I think my only real concern is as always the editing for ‘dramatic effect’ as there were many times I thought that whoever produced this show either didn’t allow certain points to really play out or as always inserted what they thought would get viewers’ attention. But then, that is what reality TV is anyway; heavily edited docu-drama. The only other concern I have is hopefully, this season doesn’t play too much into trying to create conflict for the sake of conflict as I am sure at some point it may happen but if it’s not used as a crutch for carrying they show, it may be ok.  But at the same time, I am not a fan of reality TV BECAUSE conflict is the crutch that carries many of these shows.

But for what it’s worth, this first episode was enjoyable and touched a lot of good points on what it is to be a geek and see some of the world from our eyes and to be truthful; I am a bit envious that they get to work with Mr. Lee but anytime you ever get to meet him, it’s indeed an honor to do so.

Watch this show and enjoy it for everything that it’s worth and let your geek flag fly!!!

4 out of 5 stars

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