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20 (or more) signs that you have played entirely too much GTA.

Rockstar has done it again and what more is there to be said?   If you are a Grand theft Auto fan, you have already picked this up, played through 1/2 of it, lost sleep, lost your family and possibly lost your job playing this game.

Here are a few signs to know when you have played too much:

You have played too much GTA when…

1. Your in-game characters have gotten more sleep than you do

2. The hardest decision you are making right now is to go to the actual strip club or the GTA one.

3. You drive past a real life obscure landmark and recognize it from the GTA games.

3a. You go to California to visit the real-life Vanilla Unicorn – the Spearmint Rhino

4.  You say “That’s my jam from GTA!!!” when a Snoop Dogg track comes on the regular radio

5. You wish for a real button to let you hop into your friends’ bodies to see what they are doing right now, because surely their lives are more exciting that what you are doing at this very moment!

6.  That nice bank up the street from your building?  You have contemplated calling your friends about making a heist.

7. You get the names of real life cars mixed up with GTA cars.

8.  You run a red light that also happens to have a police cruiser nearby and you look up to see how many stars you have.

9.  You end your GTA session at 5am…game time and real time.

10. Your blood pressure rises automatically when you hear sirens.

10a. You get arrested by the cops and start to look for a reset button.

11. While taking a food break (if there is such a thing) instead of watching regular TV, you watch the TV at your safehouse.

12. You find yourself  downtown looking for good sniper points.

13.  You get your iPhone and iFruit contacts mixed up.

14.  You are better at GTA 5 golf than you are at regular golf.

15.  You get so pissed off at Lazlow, you try to call in.

16.  You find yourself angry that Straight Outta Compton STILL didn’t make it into the game.

17.  You wander around your house or office looking for random health packs, weapons and ammo.

18.  Your in-game wardrobe is better than your real one.

18a.  so you attempt to jack a guy on the street for his coat.

18b. he beats you so badly, he sends you to the ER

18c. where you realize you can’t instantaneously reappear at the front door.

19. You attempt to take a short cut over your neighbor’s fence and realize how out of shape you are…from playing the game.

20.  Every high rise building starts looking good for base jumping and you have never been.

and after 3 or 4 days…

21. You finally return to work and now you are eyeballing your PITA (pain in the ass if you have to ask)  boss, wondering, “Could I really get away with it?”

22. Your next cosplay is of a GTA character. (you know who you are.)

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