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Aitch’s Next Issue Comic reviews week of 7/3/2013



***YYYYyyyaaaawwwwnnnn….yeah it’s Monday again. Back from a mini vacation and back to the grind.  It was a light reading week for me but this coming week looks to be promising but let’s take a look at some of my picks for this past week.


Detective Comics 22


Written by John Layman
Art by Jason Fabok & Andy Clarke
Cover by Jason Fabok

John Layman is really getting into gear on Batman and his world.  Fresh off of taking down Emperor Penguin, John Layman introduces Wrath, a villain bent on killing cops and discrediting Batman in the process.  This book kicks off with a Batman ‘look alike’ killing some cops and with the cops gearing up to take a run at Batman, only Jim Gordon can see through the methods to assure his force that it’s not him. While Batman is trying to figure out what’s going on, a new player by the name of E.D. “Ed” Caldwell is moving into Gotham to become the de-facto tech company rivaling Wayne Enterprises even to the point that they attempt to buy out Bruce’s company and are also funding body armor and other tech for GCPD. Caldwell could be, if we kind of read between the lines, how Tony Stark would be if he had no morals or principals. So far this story seems like it could be a straightforward turf war story but knowing Layman, there has to be a few twists that will later rear up in this story as we find out why Wrath/Caldwell wants to take out the GCPD and bring batman to their knees.  I really enjoyed this issue along with Fabok’s art which was clean and great looking as he conveyed the mood of the cops as well as Batman in their frustration to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

If you didn’t grab it this week, it’s a great jumping on point for Detective Comics

4 out of 5 stars




Green Lantern 22

Story by Robert Venditti
Art by Billy Tan, Rob Hunter, & Jon Sibal
Colors by Alex Sinclair & Tony Avina


Ok let’s face it, the hardest job for any comic writer to do is pick up a story and keep readers engaged after a legendary run has ended.  That is the task Venditti has in following behind Geoff Johns.   So let’s see where are we?  The First lantern contained, the Guardians as well as Lanterns dead or dispersed, Oa at its most vulnerable, Hal Jordan in charge and tasked with training new recruits who, moments after arriving, Larfleeze shows up because he knows that there is value in taking Oa.  A battle is breaking out and we have a few guest appearances in the boot to move the story along. It feels like a lot is going on but really is not as somehow all power is lost in the rings and once regained it becomes a key point for the creation of a new villain. This comic is more of a progression book than anything as it’s serviceable and even Tan’s art is just up to snuff. If you are just now getting on board, pick up 21 to get started but you aren’t missing all that much here.


2.5 out of 5 stars


That’s all there is this week.  keep your eye open as I have an interview with Ethan Van Sciver coming soon!


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