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Aitch’s Next Issue Comic reviews week of 4/17/13



Ok people, it’s been a short week for me comic pull list wise so I only have 2 entries for you plus there is a new con coming to DC this weekend; AwesomeConDC and I will have much to report about it later.




Justice League 19


Uhhh Bruce…buddy.   Pal?  Home skillet?  I don’t know who does your home security but they need to be fired.  The Court of Owls stopped by for a party and trashed the place, then the Joker has a surprise dinner party at your crib which you didn’t authorize, and now you got people just doing straight B and E’s and taking stuff that you probably forgot you had and NOBODY knows who they were and how they got in or out and somehow YOU forget to check the DNA recognition doohickey thingamabob to see who opened a secret closet and stole a case with Superman’s files in it? That’s so unlike you. And in this issue in the 1st 6 pages is what we have and for some odd reason that,  coupled with the fact that Damien’s death being brought into the JL just didn’t sit all that well with me.  It felt like the square peg being shoved into the circular hole and nobody bothered to grease the hole. The other part of the book dealing with Kal-el and Diana being singled out as going rogue when taking world matters into their own hands and bringing more scrutiny to the JL was done a bit better. A good touch from Geoff Johns was having Bruce reminding them that, when you do stuff individually, no matter what, the world still sees you as a JL member and will fear you even more. Also pretty good was the Firestorm (eventually Ronnie is going to have to explain his duality and why he ‘talks to himself) and Atom exchange while hanging around the Watchtower until trouble breaks out. As a matter of fact, what did save this issue was the always too short Shazam story where if you blink, you may miss the connection that it has with the main JL story.

a 2.75 out of 5 star book



Age of Ultron #6 of 10


Just over the halfway point and now the pieces on the board move and execute. Nick and the team going into the future isn’t the important part as Wolverine and an unexpected dissenter going into the past is. But on the other hand, reading it early on, I can’t help but feeling, what exactly is the plan because it really seems like it’s just a smash and dash mission or maybe it’s a setup and Nick is expecting Logan to be Logan and the rest will fix itself. Logan’s mission in finding Pym is successful but what readers need to pay attention to is what Logan does and how does his action and lack thereof affects the future timeline.  The conversation between Logan, Pym and the other person that goes with him is almost like watching an angel on Logan’s shoulder trying to talk him out of his actions with him pretty much telling that voice to buzz off.  This issue looks to be the pivotal issue that will affect the next 4 issues as everything starts falling into place.  There was just one weird thing I noticed and that was the replacement shield that he carried. Outside of that, storywise it was a good issue the minus for me was Carlos Pacheco and Brandon Peterson are now on as artists for the next part of the series as Brandon Peterson who draws the future segments and Carlos Pacheco who draws the past segments.  Maybe I am the minority here but I am not liking the direction of a ‘big event’ book being handled by so many different art teams in the course of telling a story and to be honest I kind of feel that the quality of the artwork has been going a bit downhill since the first issue. But hey I am just one guy but I am curious to see where Bendis is taking us in this story so…6 down and 4 to go!

a 3 out of 5 stars


That’s all I have until next time !

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