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Soul Caliber IV: First Impressions

Yeah yeah…I am comimg out of hiding…but let’s face it…there has
been nothing really worth playing since GTA IV (and shockingly I am
still playing because I keep getting distracted and haven’t
FINISHED!!!) Anywho…with that said…..let’s talk about the Soul
That Still Burns!

I don’t have a lot to write on this game. Why? it’s Soul Caliber!!!!
If you have followed this franchise you already know what to expect,
who is in it and so forth and you already know to purchase this game.

The cutscenes are a welcome improvement over the always wordy
storyboard of years past.

The improvements show as this is one of the most beautifully detailed
fighters out there. The game modes are excellent. My only minus is
that they tried to incorporate a tag mode a la Dead or Alive but it’s
not as fluid as that game’s tag mode is.

The fighting mode is still deep and altho tyhe ‘new break an armor
and finishers are new….to me, it’s not such a big deal yet but so
far it’s kind of fun to learn.

But the BIG selling point this time around is the create a character
skin mode!

Don’t like the skin that you are using? Make a NEW one! Make an
original character (mapped over the in game character of course) or
make it based on something…and the more you play the more items get

Creating skins will suck hrs away just like that and you will find
yourself torn between playing and making new skins.

I have created characters such as Afro Samurai, Conan and Lara Croft.

Matter of fact I am sure someone out there will get creative enough
to make some skins from perhaps…Art of Fighting? King of Fighters?
hehehehe  **hint hint**

I have a few other ideas at work that I won’t share suffice to say
wait til you see me online.

Speaking of, online handles pretty well and sometimes there is a bit
of lag but I am hopeful that this clears up…but nonetheless what
Call of Duty did for FPS, this game will do for fighters so, don’t
read anymore and get the darned game!!!

Scale of 1 to 10……a 9.5

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