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Big Planet Comics presents: The Planetary Pull October 22, 2014


Welcome to the Planetary Pull at Big Planet Comics in College Park, MD In this episode for the week of October 22, 2014 Harry and Billy review

Harley Quinn #11
The Walking Dead #133
She Hulk #9
Secret Avengers #9
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Cosplay Spotlight!!! with Jerrica A.

Hello! I am Jerrica from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

I have been a cosplayer since 2008.

I started with Lust from Full Metal alchemist, I have done Black Cat, Xena, Wonder Woman in her 600 costume, an original metal Wonder Woman, and I am working on a female Flash costume, femme Scarlet Spider, Gal Gadot inspired Wonder Woman, and possibly Starfire.
This is my facebook page for my cosplay

1. Who or what inspired you to cosplay?
I began cosplaying because I wanted to pay homage to my favorite characters. I love creating things, dressing up, going to renaissance fairs, and it just seemed like a fun accepting group. I felt that through cosplay I could let my nerdiness show and it was okay.
2. When you are not cosplaying what else do you do and what are your hobbies?
I love to draw and paint; portraits mostly, or comic book characters. Karaoke, dancing, and rock climbing are my most favorite things to do.

20140823_132513 (2)
3. What is one big piece of advice you would give to a new cosplayer?
If you are new to this it’s good to know you can be original. Your supposed flaw could be someone else’s favorite part of your costume. The best costumes I have encountered are the ones that says something about you. It doesn’t need to be accurate down to every seam. It should speak to the character, so that other fans can identify with you, and it should speak about why YOU are such a big fan.
4. What is one thing the cosplaying community can do better when it comes to dealing with each other?
The cosplay community had gotten much larger with fans of all skill levels. This community is great at including each other. We could definitely use more tutorials and technique sharing with one another. This is a community more than a competition. At the end of the day wouldn’t you rather have a person tell you they learned something great from you than to say ‘hey that’s a great cosplay, I could never do that’? Let’s help each other grow our skills, and learn new ways to express our characters.



Resident Evil 6: Saving The Best For Last

By Valerie Greene

Shortly after the success of 2012 Resident Evil: Retribution, Sony announced that a sixth and final installment of the franchise was slated for release in 2014. However, director Paul W.S. Anderson is only half way done with the script, so that release date will most likely be pushed back to 2015. With that said, Resident Evil 6 does have a working title.

Resident Evil 6: The Last Chapter (previous title was Resident Evil: Rising) is the working title, and will wrap up the franchise. Now that it is coming to an end, maybe there will be a reboot sometime in the future? I know fans have been praying for an RE film that in some way resembles the beloved game franchise.

The film series seemed to be on the right track, but took a serious nose dive after this travesty:

Which in his defense, was not directed by Paul. W.S. Andersen…Not that it was super obvious. The series was able to bounce back a bit with its most profitable, RE film to date:

Now, despite the series being critically panned by film goers and critics alike, the Resident Evil series has shown us two things:

1. There is in fact an audience for videogame to film properties–even with an R rating.

2. This can open up the door to more (and seemingly respected) video game properties, such as the up and coming films Assassin’s Creed, and the Last of Us.

3. Maybe those films can breath new life in what seems to be a stagnant state for video game films.

Say what you will about the RE film series, but it is slated to be the most profitable video game series of all time. With all five films sitting at over $900 million dollars (if you don’t believe me, do the math on, this next film is certain to put the franchise in the billion dollar club. Hopefully this last film will send the series out with a loud bang!

More info here: Cinema Blend


I was a gender bending cosplaying shrink at New York Comic Con 2014

by Tony Ortega

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October is my favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, but it is also when New York Comic Con comes to town. Now why do I love NYCC so much? Well, quite simply, it is four days out of the year that I can be in a convention center filled with people and just be myself and feel fully accepted as I am. Whether you are gay, straight, person of color, transgender, or anything else, NYCC tends to be all-inclusive to all fans of the various genres represented. Also, having been a fan of comic books since I learned how to read, just being around all of the books, memorabilia, and cosplayers, I do feel at home, more so than attending the American Psychological Association Convention.

So last year, I decided to cosplay for the first time. My greatest heroine since Uncanny X-Men 137 was published was Jean Grey – Phoenix. She represented individuality and resurrection in one character. Now, never having cosplayed before, I began the process of procuring a costume. Folks, let me tell you one thing about spandex: it is very revealing and unforgiving. However, attending the Saturday festivities in cosplay attire, I noticed that most folks were actually down with the gender bending cosplay idea and even had my picture published online (much to my boss’ dismay).

This year, I wanted to continue the trend of gender bending cosplaying. Now you are probably asking why the gender bend? Well, in my work with clients (as an LGBT specific clinical psychologist), I encourage my clients to break through the “should” that society places on our community. Be your authentic self is my motto with my clients, no matter what that is. I feel that gender-bending cosplaying breaks the mold of what men “should” cosplay as. So I acquired fishnet stockings, vinyl bootie shorts, a vinyl tank top, some gloves, choker, boots and a leather jacket and viola – a male Black Canary.

Now, walking into the convention center in my cosplay attire was quite the sobering experience. I was very self-conscious that I am a man (with no aspirations to be a woman or a drag queen) walking around in fishnet stockings and very tight (plus warm) attire. I made a commitment to myself to complete the day in my attire regardless of the response for the purpose of breaking the mold. Low and behold, lots of positive responses and picture requests occurred throughout the day. For the most part, attendees appreciated my cosplay. Although, I did hear this rather morbidly obese guy say, “I’m going to have nightmares about that.” All I had to say about that was “Bye Felicia.” I even got asked to take a picture for Buzzfeed and state my profession on a large notebook they provided. I must say that I rocked the Black Canary (Stephen Amell and Alex Kinsgton of Arrow fame both thought so as well).

Two days later, the Buzzfeed article was published. I was thrilled with excitement to see that my picture got chosen to be in the article. What I wasn’t prepared for was the haters commenting about it. So amongst my favorite comments were: “you don’t have the body for that outfit,” “I would never walk into a psychologists office who would cosplay a female super hero,” “this guy is the one that needs help,” etc. There were some positive comments like “he is my spirit animal” and “he gave me a good laugh.”

Okay, Dr. O gets on his soapbox now. Why in the world is my professional capacities being questioned because I attended comic con in gender bend cosplay? Oh, okay, so because I am a licensed clinical psychologist (and yes, I have a doctorate degree and licensed to practice in two states), I am supposed to stay home Saturday nights and re-read Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams? Psychologists have a private life outside of their profession and one has nothing to do with the other. How about (insert profession) who goes to clubs and bangs hoes on Saturday nights? Does that affect their ability to do their jobs? Off soapbox now.

What this experience has taught me is that I will continue to live my life breaking molds that are placed by society and/or ignorant internet trolls and continue to gender bend cosplay every chance I get (I am thinking about doing disco Dazzler next year). I will also continue my work with clients (and myself) to be our most authentic selves despite what people may think. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. All in all, I have no regrets about my decision to gender bend cosplay. More folks would benefit from doing so.


What is the #1 Favorite Horror Franchise??

So last week, we asked the community at large to pick their #1 favorite horror movie.

The top 3 were:  Nightmare on Elm Street at a solid 25%,  The Exorcist at 19% and The Ring at 13%

So a few of you e mailed us wondering why certain films were left off and that’s because we were saving them for the franchises.  Films that spawned like demons from hell into multiple sequels.  So it’s time to get your vote in!!!


The Review Brew – October 15, 2014


Judge Dredd #24
Writer: Duane Swierczynski
Artist: Nelson Daniel
Reviewer: Ray “But I can’t say ‘Sylvester’…” Willis

The finale of the Black Light District is here, with Judge Dredd facing down the Dark Judges in this conclusion.  We also get to see what happens in between the different sectors and what going on the moon with the council of five who have been prisoners of three former judges.

I really enjoyed this what  Duane Swierczynski has been doing with this arc. Showing the various sides of the stories from Dredd jumping into the ooze and hm landing somewhere three months later. Swierczynski has also built up the “Dark Judges” and has added more of them to the mix with Dark Judges Dig, Metastasis, etc. The writing is well done and shows the various sides of the characters, especially Anderson when Dredd keeps going through the ooze and being alone for so long makes her depressed. She even goes into a meditative state to escape the loneliness of Dredds mind. Also seeing the paranoia get to Judge Cal and him making a decision that will tie into the next issue is going to be interesting to see. The art by Nelson Daniel, really sets the tone of what’s happening in the various districts and the violence that comes from it. The Dark Judges always look menacing and all the characters work really standout. When Anderson is alone in Dredds mind, you can see the malnourished look on her face.

I really did not find anything wrong with this issue except for it being very drawn out with the Dark Judges and seeing less time with Council of five of the moon. Also seeing Dredd go back and forth between the ooze just to get the fabled exorcist rounds could have been done in this issue earlier. Overall this is a really good issue and only minor complaints to it but I cannot wait for the next arc dealing with Dredd as a fugitive.

4 out of 5 Dark Judges

Justice League #35
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Doug Mahnke
Reviewer: Oz Longworth Jr., Second of His Name

When DC first relaunched their universe a few years ago, Justice League was the first book I scoffed at. Even now, in retrospect, the first volume was a complete mess. When it comes to retooling characters, the sad truth is that DC only knows how to either a). make them unlikeable or b). rip off Marvel. However, as time has gone on, Geoff Johns has really gotten to a place with his Justice League tenure in the New 52 where he seems to be able to stretch his legs and really take his rebooted creations for a spin.

Issue 35 continues to look at the alleged Redemption of Lex Luthor. And man, is he ever riding this second chance for all it’s worth. It seems Lex is making good on his promise to be a boon to mankind so far, but the League is still less than trusting of their former foe. When Justice League #1 first dropped, I absolutely loathed how the first issue of what should be DC’s flagship book was just 25+ pages of Batman and Green Lantern smartassing each other. Fast forward a few years later and this issue, basically consisting of Batman and Lex looking over their shoulders and throwing shade while shaking hands for the public, was deliciously entertaining. Johns’ voice for Lex is almost on par with Grant Morrison’s (which, in my humble opinion, wrote one of the most memorable versions EVER) from Action Comics and All Star Superman. There are a couple of hanging plotlines held over from last issue that go completely unmentioned, but there’s enough of a look at what Lex to make for an interesting read, so you really end up not minding. Doug Mahnke returns to pencil duty and gives a mainly good looking book. There are a couple of panels where the facial expressions are questionable, but not so much that it takes away from the narrative.

Bottom Line: A well drawn, evenly paced installment in the ongoing chess game between Batman and Lex. Pretty good. 4 out of 5

Daredevil #9
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Chris Samnee
Reviewer: John “He’s not a betting man” Amenta

Matt Murdock’s life hasn’t become less complicated since his public outing as Daredevil and his self imposed exile to San Francisco. Oh no,if Matt suddenly had it easy, half of the fun of reading this series would be out the window. Is there a hero that has suffered more? I think it would be tough to come up with one.

This issue picks up where the last left us, the Purple Man has collected his illegitimate children from their homes,and has started a new family. Problem is, these kids have more powerful versions of daddy’s hyper persuasion powers,and make him walk in front of a freight train. As this issue opens, the newly emancipated group of kids are cutting a swath of mayhem through the streets of S.F.

Matt is out to breakfast with his new law partner Kirsten, and old law partner Foggy, who is faking his death with a bad fat suit. This all ties into the last volume of the series in which Foggy was diagnosed with cancer. Now that Matt has admitted that he is DD, Foggy is playing possum for his personal safety,in fear of super villains coming after him to get to Matt. Matt has recently been offered a book deal for an autobiography,and is mulling it over when chaos,in the form of the Purple Children erupts, and DD is needed to save the day.

This series has done a good job through the first 9 issues of carrying over plot strands from the previous volume, yet building enough to differentiate this one. Mark Waid took a book that for a long time was one of the darkest books in the Marvel U and infused it with some needed lightheartedness, but not at the expense of maintaining a serious tone overall.

Chris Samnee’s art is fantastic. Clean lines are a plus, but he is a master of kinetic action scenes, and brilliant page design, check out the 10 panel design on page 19 and you’ll see what I mean.

In a time when Wolverine is dying, Thor is now a woman, and there is a new Captain America, don’t forget about Daredevil, still the same guy under the mask, still the same high quality book that’s been going for many years now.

5 of 5 Stars


PCU presents: Declassified: Get off my lawn!!!

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Welcome to Declassified, in this pilot episode your host Ben Taylor and his Guests Matt Adams, Jesse Hodges and Jamie Hodges (Better known as White Tiger Filmz), talk about kids with laptops in schools, Ben being an old man and what got them into and drove them to become the film makers they are. They discuss the group’s past projects and the current on going Viva La Cosplay show they are making. Then given that all 4 of them are hardcore Ghostbusters fans, they jump into the news of the “All Female” Ghostbusters movie announcement made not 24 hours before they recorded.

****Declassified is a podcast that uses Adult language and may discuss Adult themes. You have been warned.****

Bens contact info:
Twitter: @BobTGoldfish

White Tiger Filmz Contact info:
Twitter: @Whitetigerfilmz
Show notes:
Virgina GB charity group:

A place for all things geeky including comics, movies, gaming and more. Contact us at pcupress AT gmail DOT com.

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