Did Australian TV Just Drop Dime on the plot for Interstellar

For months all we knew about Interstellar was that there was some kind of space mission going on, but thanks to some eagle eyes down under, 3 new TV spots with unseen before footage may give an answer to what this movie is really about when it drops come November 7th, 2014.

Come take a look!!

Do  you think it sheds any light on the movie?  Leave us your thoughts below.




Breaking down Multiversity’s Dramatis Personae

by Alex Krefetz

DC’s Multiversity event kicked off last month with The Multiversity #1 from Grant Morrison and Ivan Reis. Each of the six issues takes place on a parallel Earth as a group of heroes fights against a multiversial threat, called The Gentry. Writer Grant Morrison possesses a deep understanding of the DC universe and often reworks and references past material from the company in new ways. To many, his stories can be difficult to navigate due to the cosmic nature of his stories and referential writing style. Anyone claiming to understand everything going on in Multiversity, especially only two issues in, is probably blowing hot air. However, we can take a look at the characters so far and see how they fit in to this story as well as the larger DC universe. Because there are so many characters, we’ll be focusing on those who have been named so far and seem most important to the plot.

Nix Uotan

Last seen in Final Crisis, Nix Uotan is the last of the Monitors. Tasked with protecting the multiverse of all 52 worlds, Nix Uotan was banished from the Monitor’s realm at the beginning of Final Crisis before returning as the most powerful monitor at the story’s end. This all happened before the New 52 continuity, so it’s not sure how much of that story still remains, but it seems Nix Uotan still retains the ability to travel between universes and seems to possess massive power. It’s difficult to tell what his roll will be for the entire story, but Nix Uotan is poised as a hero in the first issue sacrificing his life to help collect heroes from across the multiverse.

Mr. Stubbs

Mr. Stubbs first appears as a stuffed monkey before turning into some sort of sentient pirate-monkey partner of Nix Uotan. He seems to have similar cosmic powers to Nix Uotan and travels with him in the Multiverse. This seems to be his first appearance.


An electric-based hero that Nix Uotan and Mr. Stubbs find in a parallel world fighting The Gentry. He may be based off of the characer Wandjina the Thunderer, an Australian Aborigine hero with electric powers. He is saved by Nix Uotan and sent on a quest to find other super heroes throughout the multiverse to help the fight. It seems he may emerge as one of the leaders of this eventual group.

President Calvin Ellis

From Earth-23, this version of Superman both serves as a hero and the president of the United States. We’ve seen him a few times, starting in Final Crisis and also appearing in an issue of Action Comics (also written by Grant Morrison). He’s very similar to the traditional Kal-el Superman that most are familiar with. He also seems to have forgotten the events of Final Crisis and meeting other characters, though some of them remember him.

Captain Carrot

A personal favorite. Captain Carrot comes from a super team of farm animals known as the Zoo Crew, with each member modeled after a Justice League counterpart. Captain Carrot is based off of Superman, and seems to have a similar power set. Though he starred in several ongoing series in the past, his most recent appearance was in a few panels of Final Crisis (that event just keeps turning up). Unlike President Calvin Ellis, he seems to remember some of the events of Final Crisis and meeting other multiversal heroes.


Staring in issue 2, this version of Anthro seems like a continuation of the original character. Anthro was the first human to use fire and defeat Vandal Savage (more on him later) after receiving help from Metron of the New Gods. Here, he also seems to have picked up immortality similar to Vandal Savage and now fights against him.

The Blackhawks


A squadron of elite pilots who have existed in the DC universe for decades. Here, the group seems to be all female and work with the Society of Superheroes.

Atom (Al Pratt)
This one is interesting. Al Pratt is the golden-age version of the Atom, a hero with super strength but not the scientific knowledge of later incarnations. His mask also bears the mark of a single hydrogen atom, most known from the Watchmen character Dr. Manhattan. It doesn’t seem he has any of Dr. Manhattan’s reality-bending abilities, just the original character’s super strength.

Doc Fate

A hybrid of Doc Savage and Dr. Fate. Savage is an older pulp-action hero/archaeologist/explorer/scientist/general badass, while Dr. Fate is a sorcerer from Egyptian culture and generally considered the most powerful magic being in the DC universe. Clearly, this is someone not to mess with. He seems to possess the collective knowledge of both, and is an established hero in his universe even before bringing together the Society of Superheroes.

Abin Sur

The green lantern who gave the ring to Hal Jordan shows up here as a demon-looking alien similar to Etrogin, DC’s resident rhyming devil. He seems to retain the same basic story as the original Abin Sur, just with a new look.


The Simpsons Guy Crossover – Nearly Epic

by Aitch Cee
It’s amazing that Fox took this long to bring both of these franchises together in this hour long Family Guy crossover and it mostly paid off. With The Simpsons opening its 26th season an hour earlier and Family Guy opening at half that, this was a great way to bridge them both together. And despite what others may say, I am not a big fan of Brooklyn 99 and quite honestly would have been happy to see Bob’s Burger still bridge those two shows as always, more on that in a second.

The show’s premise is that the Griffins’ car is stolen as they are forced to go on the run from Quahog after another one of Peter’s plans go awry. The Griffins then finds themselves in Springfield and scrounging for food. They walk into the Kwik-I-Mart and then meet Homer who buys them (and of course takes) some donuts and agrees to help them while the Griffiths locate their car.

The rest of the show is pretty much what you could expect from a crossover and all of it was fun. Each show characters at one point or another takes potshots at not only each other’s cast members but other things as well. At one point it’s even made mention at how both shows have carried Cleveland and Bob from their respective shows and it’s worth a chuckle.

Even with so many characters blended in, both franchises manages to juggle all of the subplots including Lisa helping Meg with her self-esteem (which to no surprise, gets the least attention), Stewie helping Bart with his bully problem, Meg and Marge becoming friends, Brian somehow losing Santa’s little helper and of course the subplot which becomes the focus of the show when Peter and Homer come to odds about their favorite beer.

And then also there is the rape joke. For those that got upset about it, if you really paid attention to Bart’s response, you got the fact that Stewie as with most things with Family Guy, went too far.

For some reason I still felt that the hour wasn’t long enough to get the greatness of these two shows being brought together. I was indeed hoping more could have come about the 2 biggest badasses of Stewie and Bart being brought together and I think this was a missed opportunity. However, the climax of the ultimate battle of Homer and Peter satisfied me enough.

The one thing I will say however, between watching The Simpsons premier, which had probably one of the weirdest couch gags I have seen in a while, I still do feel as if where that opening show was slightly overhyped due to a character’s passing, The Simpsons premier came stumbling out of the gate, and Family Guy, even with the crossover, carried everybody that night.

All in all, with few exceptions (by the way did anyone notice a certain character that DID die all of a sudden appeared alive?) the show delivered but it was crammed with so much stuff, I wish there was more.

3.5 out of 5


Once Upon a Time Season 4 Premier – A Tale of Two Sisters

by Tony Ortega
For those of you who read my previous post, “The Psychological Implications of Frozen or Let It Go,” you have come to realize my fixation and over identification with Elsa from Frozen. Now, being a Once Upon A Time fan as well, I was in sheer delight seeing Elsa last minute appearance during the Season 3 Finale of Once Upon A Time. Season 3 was not one of my favorites as they really did a poor job portraying Elphaba. Hence, September 28, 2014 at 8PM was very important to me to see what they were going to do with one of my all-time favorite Disney characters.
The season premiere tells two tales: what happens once Elsa landed in Storybrooke and what happened at the end of Frozen. Needless to say, I was more invested in what happened after the movie ended than anything else. We see Elsa and Anna preparing for Anna’s wedding to Kristoff. While Elsa shows Anna their mother’s wedding dress, Elsa stumbles across her mother’s diary, detailing the real reason why they left Arendelle. This sends Elsa into an emotional tailspin as she blames herself for her parents’ death. Anna, being the heroine that she is, decides to investigate further and consult her soon to be in-laws. More questions arise and Anna commits to making the trek to Misthaven, a name not previously mentioned in Frozen. We see guest appearances of Kristoff and Sven (hello, where was Olaf) as well. Anna ditches her sister and goes off to investigate what actually happened in Misthaven, or as the natives call it, The Enchanted Forest (cue mysterious music). I feel that the writers really did a good job addressing the events that occurred after the movie and I am anxious to see where they will take this particularly storyline. I also really enjoyed how the writers of OUAT stayed true to the essence of the Frozen characters. It’s almost like a seamless transition from the movie to the show.
Back in Storybrooke, Elsa begins to create havoc with her powers. We even see an appearance of the giant snow monster (the outward manifestation of what Elsa believes others perceive her as). While the main characters are battling the monster, Elsa stumbles across a newspaper article about Rumple and Belle getting married and spots the necklace she gave Anna for her nuptials in the newspaper picture. She subsequently retrieves it and we are left with a greater question, just where the heck is Anna?
On to the residents of Storybrooke for a bit: Regina is struggling with the reappearance of Marian, putting a major damper on her romance with Robin Hood. Everyone becomes increasingly concerned that Regina will become evil again. Rumple and Belle dance to the musical score of Beauty and the Beast as he struggles with telling Belle the truth that he has the real dagger (did he summon Mickey’s Fantasia hat?). Regina concocts her plan to kill Marian. And Emma and Hook still haven’t done the horizontal mambo. I am so looking forward to seeing Elsa and Regina butt heads this season. This would make for a chilly encounter (cue mysterious music again).
Once Upon A Time has always done an excellent job with character development, suspenseful story lines and making us really like the characters (I will forget their horrific portrayal of Elphaba last season). I think that season 4 is off to a great start and I particularly like this dual storyline (Arendelle and Storybrooke). Of course, they are playing on the popularity of Frozen this season, but hey, this Frozen fanatic is not complaining. I give this episode 4.5 out of 5 stars (only because we don’t see Olaf).


Pop Culture Uncovered 3 – Baltimore Book Festival


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Aitch is on location at the Baltimore Book Festival and is joined by Eric Suggs of Artway Alliance and long time supporter Enrica Jang.

In this episode, they discuss the Baltimore Book Fair itself and while it’s still viable for people to support a dying form of communication.

They also discuss how people are using different forms of start ups and why some are good and some should be avoided.

They also discuss the ongoing controversy of Milo Manara, the Spider-woman cover and look at both sides of the issue of sexual degradation in comics.

In the 2nd part of this episode, Aitch and David C. from Collector’s Corner weighs in on television and his outlook on comic properties on the small screen.

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The Destiny Loot Cave and why they will never go away…

by Dale Harvey

Two weeks into Destiny and with one of the first two hotfixes, Bungie has decided to try and regulate the nature of the loot cave by increasing the spawn timers on the ones that were being used the most, and by changing the nature of the endgame drops after a hard wipe for one of the missions of the game.

This has brought about a lot of discussion, good and bad about Destiny, and I won’t really even try to go into most of that, because if you play Destiny, you know right where you stand on that issue.

Now please allow me to talk completely out of my ass for a bit, but what I find very interesting in all of this is that in order to combat the issue, instead of a fix to the loot tables, they made a choice to lengthen the timers on the spawners?

This leads me to believe that messing with the loot tables is a much more complex undertaking, and possibly something that is rooted to every mob in the game. In making the farming of loot from the most popular caves take longer, they might believe that you’re going to discourage players from this type of activity, and why this might work for a percentage of the players, it doesn’t seem like Bungie is ready to up the spawn timers for every cave and honey hole in the game, as I’m sure this would turn their game from feeling like an active alive world, or worlds to planets and areas devoid of life and action.

So if you can’t make a global change to every spawner, there is going to be plenty of them still running on 2, 4, and 6 second cycles, and if that is the case then players are going to continue to find them, and get their farm on. Plenty of people are offering up fixes at the moment, but it just may be something that cannot be simply fixed as whatever the best fix may be may very well cripple the game.

As it stands now, loot caves, and honey holes are still up and active all around the world of Destiny. I’m very interested to see if Bungie can come up with a fix that will let players feel like they are getting a better bang for their buck as they play the way that the devs have intended for them to play, or if the community will continue to find ways to play the game in the way that they want to play it.


How to Get Away with Murder

by Kalia Foote



Let’s be clear, not everyone is going to love the Shonda Rhimes shock-fests that litter the ABC Thursday night. (Thus why it should be called Shondays ~ Aitch!)  No, I personally don’t know how anyone couldn’t, but I must admit that this isn’t some people’s cup of tea. This is just so you understand that I am a Shonda fan. I’ve watched almost every show she’s ever created and How to Get Away with Murder was certainly highly anticipated.

The first question is mostly “Will Viola Davis be wasted here?” The answer is no. What we actually get is the start to a fully formed character. Professor Annalise Keating is powerful, vulnerable, crafty, sexual, and smart. Golly, is she smart. She has a husband – a psychology professor who happens to be white; following Shonda’s insistence on color blind casting and the idea that black women are desirable as people. She has several secrets, and we saw at least one doing bad (really good) things to her.

We open on several young people trying to cover up a murder and they know the law. They aren’t trying to commit the perfect murder, they are trying to get away with it. So, appropriate title. Ok, we will get to the actual crime later in the season. We are really starting at the start of the law school semester.

The suspense is high and is put on early. We are given clues that will follow us until the season finale. We don’t know who they killed or what happened. The statue and the recipient of said statue will figure greatly in this plot. Other hints are dropped regarding the disappearance of a Middleton University student and her relations to the characters we are just getting to know.

Ms. Davis is so far above the children she’s teaching. Both Annalise and Viola are giving a master class to the youth castes, and expect great things from them. So far, it makes you feel like you should study before watching so you don’t disappoint Prof Keating. I really need to be taking notes.

Not many in the supporting cast are completely recognizable. Introduced to us are Wes Gibbins – the wait listed MU law student who is the underdog portrayed by Alfred Enoch (Most of the Harry Potter Movies). The idealistic Brown student Laurel (Karla Souza) has a hate love crush on Annalise’s assistant, , aka Josh Brolin lite (Frank Delfino). I could go into other character descriptions, but honestly it bores me. We will talk more as these kids grow and start to hold their own with Ms. Davis with more fleshed out characters.

I’m already hooked. Everything that pulled me into Scandal, Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy is present in HTGAWM. Well rounded characters, suspense, secrets, sex, beauty, power. If the soap is not you, please let us watch in peace.

GTFOH Shonda Rhimes. How dare you be this awesome!

4.5 Stars



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